four portraits over a background of teal, under which is the subtitle line, above which on a cloud motif is the title.

Rebel Girls Celebrate Pride: 25 Tales of Self-Love and Community

by Rebel Girls Author and Elena Favilli Foreword

As part of the Rebel Girls Series, this book takes a look at present and past members of the LGBT community that defy denied societal gender expectations and were activists for social change. The book is intended for children ages 8 through 12, in an accessible format, with half of a spread dedicated to a cool portrait of the featured person, drawn by a female or nonbinary artist. In the style of the original books in the series, these are written in a bedtime fairy tale style. There are scannable codes for interaction with the Rebel Girls app, for more content and information on a given featured profile. Through this, the book aims to give children insight to the LGBT community, providing awareness of the history that has been made and those who continue to make a legacy.