abstract cactus blooms

The Pocket Guide to Neurodiversity

by Daniel Aherne Author

At least one in seven people have some form of neurodivergence. This short, illustrated guide unpacks the four most typical diagnoses: autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia. This clear, simple, illustrated guide, written by an author with ADHD, walks you through each of these neurotypes. He explains concepts like executive functioning, sensory processing, communication difficulties, and terminology like "spiky profiles." He talks us through the strengths as well as challenges of being neurodivergent, with a focus on the importance of environments that are designed for us to thrive, offering the analogy of a cactus that wilts in the rain and needs a desert to grow and thrive. If you've got a neurospicy brain yourself or want to be a better ally to the ND people in your life, this resource is a solid starting point.