Dark purple cover with silver text and borders and a silver image of a five-pointed star within an elaborate spell circle.

The Book of Practical Witchcraft: A Compendium of Spells, Rituals, and Occult Knowledge (The Mystic Arts Handbooks)

by Pamela Ball Author

Do you want to become a competent, confident spell-worker and learn how to even create your own spells? Then The Book of Practical Witchcraft is for you! With an extensive collection of traditional spells and techniques in addition to a wide selection of knowledge needed for your own casting, you can discover the tools you'll need, how to consecrate them, and how to perform the rituals needed to manifest your deepest wishes. Whether you seek love, luck, healing, or a successful career, all the practices in this essential reference are not only outlined in great detail but also set inside a moral framework to ensure the best outcome for all. Don't hesitate in your desires - learn how to weave your magic today!