a white book cover depicting various colored flags

Failure Is Always an Option: Negativity to Color and Display

by Caitlin Peterson Author

Our world is one of optimism - people are always saying things like, "It'll get better!" "Don't worry, it'll work out!" And these optimists are praised! But do the cynics ever get praised? And so this book is a coloring book for all the cynics out there - a way to de-stress and realize that sometimes things don't work out and that sometimes we have to be realistic about what will happen and what we can do. Filled with 30 fun helpful coloring reminders that will allow you to be realistic and de-stress. The perfect combo.

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There's definitely a range of damage for "slightly damaged" titles, though they are only slightly damaged. Most just have dinged corners, shelf wear, were poorly handled during shipping, or were stickered by a third party in a way that would be obnoxious if you paid full price for them. If a book is so mis-shapen that it appears to have been run over or there's water damage or where the binding has fully come apart or the damage would otherwise affect the ability to actually read the book, we'll list it as "severely damaged."


excuse me, when you say "slightly damaged", what's the state of the book? Is there a way to see the inside or what the flaws are? I'd love to buy it but the wording is vague and worrying!