Secrets of High Magic, The

Secrets of High Magic: Practical Instruction in the Occult Traditions of High Magic, Including Tree of Life, Astrology, Tarot, Rituals, Alchemic Processes, and Further Advanced Techniques (Vintage Ed)

by Francis Melville Author

The great magicians, alchemists, and other masters of high magic may not be chilling down the street, but they were all pretty regular writers, just so that they could pass down their knowledge to lucky old you. In this new Vintage Edition of The Secrets of High Magic, Melville gives you the scoop on the fruits of his investigations. High magic encompasses many doctrines and techniques, including the conjuring of spirits and nonhuman entities, ritual divination, the making and consecration of talismans, and exploration of other universes. This book is a practical guide to a wide array of occult traditions. You'll learn how to make a magic altar, read tarot cards, discover the secrets of alchemy, learn divination methods of geomancy and I-Ching, and much more.