Statue of Liberty with a blue background and red flames coming from her torch

American Politics: A Graphic History

by Laura Locker Author and Julia Scheele Illustrator

A dynamic, illustrated guido to the complex systems that, together, form the political entity that is United States. Like all entries in the Graphic History series, this is a smart, intersectional, humanistic approach to a  deeply loaded topic. Each page tackles a new, sometimes conflicting facet of US politics and government, from the basic principles, the Constitution, the branches of government, the interplay of US and tribal governments, global warming, health care, economic policy, identity, and so much more. These descriptions are narrated by three fictional friends who often disagree in their views but learn a lot from hearing the history and reasons behind each others' viewpoints. A really thoughtful book, perfect for someone who wants to step back from the white noise of the news to understand a the bigger picture of why things are so fucked, or for a young person just starting to gain political awareness.