a childlike, three-faced figure peers out between dark trees

Secret Woods: Guides and Inspirational Messages

by Kelly Patton Author

Anthropomorphic, steampunk animals serve as your guides through the tangled forests of life in this 28-card deck accompanied by a 72-page booklet to help you tap into your intuition and the natural world inside and outside yourself. Some of these imaginative cards resemble the tarot's major arcana, such as a rabbit alchemist, but most create their own image of the world—two crickets demonstrate allyship as one departs on an airship to try to save their community, a confident owl is the Collector, a part-human, part-bird Empath takes on attributes of those who she cares for, and you'll also meet an Herbalist, a Creatrix, a Defender, a Wanderer, an Illusionist, a Mate, and more. There's magic everywhere if you can let yourself see and dream it.