drawing of three figures, joined together in a line

The New Chapter Tarot

by Kathryn Briggs Author with Rachel Pollack

All the cards in this deck carry a personal touch from artist Kathryn Briggs' as she began a new chapter in her life. A comforting companion becomes the Queen of Swords, an adopted cat becomes the 6 of Disks, an old friend returning becomes Strength. Every painting reflects Briggs' process of understanding everything new. Tarot expert Rachel Pollack helps bring each card into action, and helps the reader divine their own story, writing their own new chapter with each reading of the cards. Kathryn Briggs is the author and illustrator of Triskelion, Magpie, and Story(cycle), as well as the founder of Ess Publications. Rachel Pollack has created several other tarot decks, has consulted for comic books, and is an Arthur C. Clarke award winning author. 

  • photo of decks and some cards