a long-haired woman with antlers on the cover of the deck box, and a house, and three different women on each of the four cards respectively.

Spellcasting Oracle Cards: A 48-Card Deck and Guidebook

by Flavia Kate Peters Author and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free Author

Use this deck of oracle cards to connect with your inner witch, bringing the elements you need to cast spells successfully to the surface and placing the power to change your life in your hands. Each card of this deck will teach you how to call upon different kinds of magical energy, and the guidebook offers a treasure trove of information on moon phases, candle magic, and how to use the cards to their fullest potential by altering your readings based on the day of the week and the intended purpose of your reading. A great gift for a friend in your life who could use a little witchy power, or if you could use some of that power yourself, these cards can help you attain the frame of mind and spiritual energy you need to cast spells.