traditional tarot art in the style of the Waite deck on the deck box and on three cards lying by the deck box in the photograph

The Weiser Tarot: A New Edition of the Classic 1909 Waite-Smith Deck (78-Card Deck with 64-Page Guidebook)

by Arthur Edward Waite Author and Pamela Colman Smith Author

A beautifully imagined recreation of the Waite-Smith tarot deck, The Weiser Tarot preserves the original artwork of Pamela Colman Smith while updating the cards to include Hebrew and astrological correspondences to the Major and Minor Arcana, linking tarot to Qabalah and astrology for those interested in blending their divination and magical practices. The guidebook offers the reader the tools they need to learn how to do their own tarot readings, as well as a history of both tarot writ large and the Waite-Smith deck in particular. New tarot readers and practiced experts alike will enjoy the feel of this updated deck.