Red cover with image of a runic shield inside of a roman-style archway with golden olive branch and leaf designs.

Kabbalah: The Tree of Life Oracle - Sacred Wisdom to Enrich Your Life

by Cherry Gilchrist Author

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol in many cultures of the world, acting as an oracle for the map of creation. In Kabbalah, you can learn about how it is used as a path to knowledge in the Jewish mystery tradition using the 22-letter Hebrew alphabet and the 22 paths of the Tree of Life's astrological houses. Showing how each resulting word forms a rich and powerful symbol, you can learn how to follow the reading sheet to lay the cards in the line of creation with this book acting as your consulting guide to help you resolve any life issues. Both the oracle and the tree are highly structured, and by learning about this framework of harmony in this book, you can gain a deeper understanding and wisdom that you are sure to value forever.