an illustration of an angel with blue wings amidst a rainforest scene with rainbows emerging from the foliage and animals all around

The Amazonian Angel Oracle: Working with Angels, Devas & Plant Spirits

by Howard G. Charing Author and Pablo Amaringo Author

From renowned shamanic artist Pablo Amaringo comes this deck of oracle cards celebrating the power of the Amazon and its peoples. Amaringo passed away in 2009, leaving countless drawings and paintings unfinished, but Amaringo's friend Howard Charing set out to collect this artwork into this oracle deck, giving users a way to engage with Amaringo's legacy and artwork even as they gain insight into their spirituality through the shamanic practices and symbols included in the deck. With 33 full color cards featuring angels, devas, and nature spirits, The Amazonian Angel Oracle is a powerful collection of spiritual symbols and figures as well as a powerful final portfolio of Amaringo's artwork. Oracle deck readers of all skill levels will appreciate this gorgeous collection.