Black band containing title in gold text, surrounded by soft gray and yellow illustrations of vines, bird, the sun.

Everyday Magic: A Perpetual Journal for Spiritual Seekers

by Maia Toll Author and Jon Carling Author

Create your own enchanted reference book with this beautifully designed journal. Thoughtfully tailored to hold your unique observations, inspirations, and connections along your paths of magical study, Everyday Magic is organized by topic: Intentions, Astrology, Tarot, Healing Systems, Plant-Based Magic, Rituals, Dreams, Divination Systems, and more. With each page numbered and corresponding to the table of contents, write in whichever section you choose to keep your magical ideas flowing, interconnected, and organized. Suitable for spiritual seekers at all stages, Everyday Magic is endlessly customizable, designed to grow with you whenever the magic of inspiration strikes.

  • Introduction/how-to in black text on soft gold background.
  • Page about setting intentions featuring illustrated garland of plants and rabbits.