Queer Rights Now! Superpack

$20 Superpack: Young, Punk, and Queer Comics

by Lee Baillie Author, Nicole Georges Author, Cristy Road Author, Super Pack! Author and Robert Wildwood Author

You're not the only one. These stories of gay, lesbian, and queer folks in their teens and twenties making their way in the world.

Indestructible - Cristy C. Road's illustrated tale of finding her way as a misfit teen in Miami is tough, smart, and wild with a huge heart.

My Brain Hurts, Vol 2 is a graphic novel about punk teenagers living in NYC in the 1990s.

Invincible Summer: An Anthology is Nicole's diary comics about being a cool young person in Portland of yore.

Shut Up and Love the Rain has comics and text about discovering your sexuality as a young person... and supporting a parent discovering their own.