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The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination

by Ed Buryn Author

Celebrated by poetry enthusiasts everywhere for more than two hundred years, William Blake has long been considered a brilliant thinker and talented artist. The central theme of much of Blake's work is the notion that Creativity is Divine, and while it is one thing to come across this idea in a textbook or analysis of Blake's poetry, it is another thing to experience this insight through the process of a tarot reading. Containing 23 archetypal cards called Triumphs, as well as 56 Creative Process cards in the four suits Painting, Science, Music, and Poetry, this tarot deck offers the user a way to explore not only Blake's ideas and writing, but their own sense of themselves and their future possibilities. Uncover insight into personal, professional, and artistic aspects of yourself with The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination. Lovers of poetry and tarot alike will get a kick out of this deck.