four tarot cards and a deck box, with a triangle with the words '3,2,1 jump' in the middle on the first, the words 'the alchemical artist' on the second, 'your greatest joy pollinates the world' on the third, and 'soul giraffe' on the fourth

The Cosmic Journey Oracle

by Yanik Silver Author

In this whimsical journaling oracle deck, author Yanik Silver offers you the tools to connect your head, your heart, and your intuition and gain not only a deeper sense of yourself, but of what the future might hold for you. Each card in this deck, illustrated in a quirky and somewhat humorous style, offers a message for you from the universe, a journal prompt to encourage you to reflect on what that message might mean for you, and an action you can undertake to propel you forward along your cosmic path. Listen to what the universe is telling you! It's full of wisdom.