Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom

Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom

by Sean Äaberg Author

An instant classic and underground favorite from the moment it appeared on tabletops worldwide, Hand of Doom puts players into the boots of hardened criminal adventurers, escaping from the dungeons of Brüttelburg into a deranged, demented, dark-fantasy world of swords, sausages & sorcery. Players attempt to make their way through a series of interconnected weird, nasty & mysterious adventures as the world of the Würstreich gets progressively more dangerous & the Hand of Doom descends—distorting the land with evil sorcery. Over the course of multiple sessions, players will make morally questionable decisions that affect the game narrative, all while fighting ghouls, cops, bog monsters, and other unimaginable horrors. Think of it as a role-playing game in a box, dungeon master included. 

Profusely illustrated by Sean Äaberg with hundreds of deranged new drawings. Dungeon Degenerates can be played solo or with up to 4 players & it can be played cooperatively or competitively. Recommended for ages 10 + , Medium difficulty, Not Suitable for Squares! 


  • 24” x 24” full color game board 
  • 8 playable adventurer character cards which come with their own items & abilities 
  • standees & stands of each adventurer
  • 150 Monster cards divided into five decks by map region 
  • 60 Encounter cards divided into four decks by map region
  • 12 Epic Monster cards
  • 84 Loot cards 
  • 12 Epic Loot cards 
  • 134 American Standard Mini-Cards - 
  • 28 Doom cards 
  • 36 Skill cards 
  • 36 Danger cards 
  • 14 Triumph cards
  • 24 Weakness cards
  • 6 dice 
  • 300+ counters & the Hand of Doom!
  • 36 page the Rules 
  • 20 page the Missions
  • 2 Reference cards
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*Best of Portland* - "Even in the current renaissance of tabletop gaming, the industry hasn't seen anything like Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom." - Willamette Week

"There’s a certain comforting blandness to the usual adventure game setting... You know the drill. It’s certainly been the drill long enough. Dungeon Degenerates isn’t satisfied merely breaking away from this formula. It also needs to smash it with a sledgehammer. After all, as spoken by another notable iconoclast, “When you come at the king, you best not miss.” Dungeon Degenerates does many things, but miss is not among them." - Space Biff

"This is an awesome game. There are many open-world style games out there, but many of them are dice chuckers or very luck driven or chaotic but Dungeon Degenerates manages to introduce a really neat combat system that lets the players cooperate, strategize and it feels fresh. The components, the art, the writing, and the VAST amount of cards (items, events, monsters) leads to awesome storytelling, replay-ability and simply a great time." - Asgelb

"This is a very fun and immersive adventure game with an awesome, Rock&Roll fantasy theme. The vibrant, low-brow art and wild scenarios and flavor text make this the perfect game to play with a heavy metal soundtrack. There are a lot of rules to keep track of but the rulebook is well written and things start clicking after a couple games. It is a blast at any player count." -Old Grog

"Fun, theme-oozing art, no boring standard stuff. Unique, but smooth simple basic rules. Some special rules in each mission and little important details give you strategic options and but also challenges. The way stories and mission paths give you choices make this game highly replayable. Writing of rules and storytexts is far superior to many other story-driven games I know and love(d). It doesn't take itself too serious, it's colorful, weird, disgusting, surprising and yet familiar in a very good way." - luminok

"This is exactly the sort of gaming experience I have always loved. Channeling (intentionally) a 70's punk-metal aesthetic straight from bargain bin LP covers and zines, the game offers a sandbox approach to adventuring within a contained environment which is simple yet sublime. Options abound, an easy but effective combat system, persistent world modifiers, plenty of potential encounters, big bosses, and character development options, all set in a truly unique landscape." - Clockpunk

"Wow, after playing 30+ crawlers and RPGs for 20+ years, by far the best, simplest but rich mechanics, story, ambiance, just WOW!" - Alexandre Hamelin

"The most original, clever, and amusing story-telling I have encountered in a game. The detail in the artwork is also phenomenal. In terms of gameplay, it is as good as a dungeon-crawler can be. It stands out from the crowd, and that's enough for me." - Omega Player