Microcosm Logo (bike gear, feminist symbol, & heart) on one side and the Ramona-inspired Pests Unite graphic on the other side

Pests Unite Tote Bag

by Joe Biel, Cecilia Granata and Aaron Renier

In our latest effort to flirt with you, we've designed these tote bags. They are lovingly made by the woman-owned Enviro-Tote™ in New Hampshire (yes, like all of our things, actually made in the U.S.). Emboldened with the new Feminist Fist Chainring Heart on one side and the Ramona-inspired Pests Unite on the other because we really hope that reading and ideas change the world. These bags are specifically engineered to make it easier for you to flirt with other people on the bus or your bicycle. Totes awesome!

By the way: if you place an order for more than $40 worth of goodies from us, you can choose at checkout to get one of these for free!