Dr. Marie Equi Poster

Dr. Marie Equi Poster

by Alec Dunn Author

Great block-print portrait of Dr. Equi, a lesbian, anarchist, World War I war-resistor! She has been called the Emma Goldman of the Pacific Northwest.

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Comments & Reviews


I think this poster's aesthetic reference to Russian Constructivism and liberationist street art of the US 20th century does justice to Marie's undying devotion to the anachist politics and the freedom of all workers -- though I am not sure she would ever have gotten a tattoo on her forehead. [Dr. Equi's greatgranddaughter, H. N. Lukes]


I reckon this poster is a bit weird and offensive; it lacks sensitivity.
Grandnephew of Marie Equi.


Interesting poster for Marie Equi!
Learn about early episodes of Equi's life: her role in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake relief at Portland, OR, lecture-with-slides May 12, 2006 noon at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)see www.ohsu.edu (look for history of medicine library/lectures). Equi was the only woman physician; commended by all for her efforts. For more info: helquistsf@sbcglobal.net