Winking Circle DVD

Winking Circle DVD

by Benny Zenga

A sonic journey through time and space to discover how we can be our own entertainment rather than seeking entertainment from others! A huge mountain of inspiration and ideas are manifested here for us to learn from and apply to our own lives. Kids in the suburbs building mutant bikes, painting art cars, building giant skate ramps, giving each other funky haircuts, making music, leaping onto leaf piles, and much more. It's an expiramental doctumentary about a group of young people in Uxbridge, Ontario who decided they needed to take their lives into their own hands. Very high production values and great editing lead us on a journey through the world of Benny Zenga and friends! Pretty soon you'll be chanting the wisdom of the three beans - Redeem Everything, Be A Fool, and Create Everywhere!A new and interesting development with this video is the blatant theft of it's concept and style in a new ad from everyone's least favorite soft drink company, the Coca Cola Corporation. Commodification of DIY art seems almost commonplace, but a blatant theft such as this is disheartening to people like Benny Zenga who work to make a project like this happen, only to have it blatantly ripped off by a multinational.



    Personally, I would be much more upset with the local Ad Firm who blatantly stole your idea than with the mindless/creative-void that is Coke... Someone on your own turf decided to cash in on your work... nasty!