Photographic book cover of a rustic wooden gate with white title text within green rectangle.

Carpenter's Tools and How to Make Them

by Rolfe Cobleigh Author

Since its publication in the early 1900s, Rolfe Cobleigh's Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them has been a popular resource for homesteaders, gardeners, farmers, agricultural workers, and DIY enthusiasts. Now we're bringing it to you in handy, portable, and easily-readable zine form with Carpenter's Tools and How to Make Them, a collection of instructions for crafting ingenious garden and farm implements, made with materials you may already have on hand. Featuring charming original illustrations and relayed in Cobleigh's amusingly frank style (and sprinkled with aphorisms like "Love thy neighbor, yet pull not down thy hedge,") this timeless guide offers strategies for all kinds of projects, including the tools you need to execute them!