And Then One Day #4

And Then One Day #4

by Ryan Claytor Author

Ryan presents us with some silly, lighthearted journal comics. His funny, some nice scenery, his routines, a breakneck comic schedule, going to college, renting some boats, teaching kids how to draw comics, and simple things like getting out of bed. Ryan's drawings are cute and touching. And like most of the joy stemming from journal comics, we can all relate to heartbreak, going to a dreary job, or mundane routines.

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Ryan's comics are interesting because you can tell he's on the verge of something here, and while he hasn't gotten there yet, it'll be interesting to see how he progresses.


Hey there! This is Ryan, the artist of this series of journal comics. One thing that wasn't mentioned is the sweet-sweet cover that makes the miniscule price tag even more irresistable. Each of these books has a hand-printed, 2-color, silk-screened cover on velvet paper. Yes, they're fuzzy. I hope you enjoy the snippets of my life, and by all means post a comment here. You can even see some previews of the book over at my website: And lastly, a big thanks to Microcosm Publishing for carrying a couple of my books.