Craphound #5: A Picture Book For Discussion Activity

Craphound #5: A Picture Book For Discussion Activity

by Sean Tejeratchi

In case you missed it the first time around, Crap Hound—A Picture Book for Discussion and Activity is, between a brief introduction and the end credits, pure imagery. Each page is filled with high-contrast line art, culled from vintage catalogs, advertising, obscure books, and found ephemera. Through sheer volume of artfully arranged iconography, issue No. 5 visually explores the popular meaning, cultural ideals and historic symbolism of Hands, Hearts & Eyes. Perfect for zine makers, graphic designers, tattoo artists, or just someone who needs a specific, perfect image. Sean has a tremendous ability to scour for such things and the results are stunning. Time and again I'm amazed by the genius employed in collecting clip art.


Seb 1/29/2007

Hey Alan, tricky. I've not got a copy yet but by the sounds of things the layout is entirely original, but made up of found images and ready to photocopy and recycle in cut out parts *anywhere*.

RJ 12/29/2006

the best books for ideas and such. found it in austin at Waterloo Records. score!

LeAnne 4/4/2006

Amazing. I order mine today.

Alan Lastufka 1/7/2006

So are these all original images or just stuff that's already available cumulated into one place?

rachelface 9/29/2005

I use this thing for EVERYTHING! It's awesome.

matthew 9/4/2005

Best zine I own for resources!

leigh 5/6/2005

when are more coming out??!!