On Subbing #4

by Dave Roche

Dave is a substitute teacher in Portland and tells his tales of woe. He goes to work not knowing what the day holds and tries to make the best out of it when people make fun of his glasses or threaten to fight him. He helps kids with their homework and he agrees when the kids tell him why they think school sucks. Dave is a great writer and this zine is made on copiers in high schools in his spare time. I'm embarassed that I can't eloquently phrase how great this zine is and how humble Dave is about it. Notice that #4 has screen door covers. NOTE: ON SUBBING #4 IS OUT OF PRINT. MOST OF THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN REPRINTED IN THE ON SUBBING BOOK.


BoingBoing! 2/15/2013

"Every bit as entertaining as it is heartwarming."

dude 3/6/2008

fucking AWESOME!

rae 3/3/2004

Amazingly entertaining zine. One of my all time favorites!! Get this!!

anonymous 2/29/2004

This zine is awesome - I can't recommend it enough. I'm a punkish teacher as well so it's super cool. I actually logged on to see if i can get #s 1-3!!!!!