Ecodefense Zine: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching

Ecodefense Zine: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching

by Dave Foreman Author

*This is not the book, this is a HUGE photocopied zine format*  An extensive, practical, and hands on guide to direct action in regards to protecting forests from development. You know what's really refreshing about this book? It actually dares to take seriously the "I-don't-give-a-damn-I've-got-mine" attitude that's destroying the planet. Too many of us are content to talk, talk, talk about the ecocide we see going on around us daily. We lament global warming, the loss of species, the deforestation of the earth, the pollution of land and water and air, and frequently become so overwhelmed by it all that we throw up our hands and adopt an "apres moi, le deluge" cynicism. And in the meantime, by the way, we continue to drive our SUVs, blithely drink our plastic-bottled water, and keep realtors in business (did you know that 46 acres of prime farm land is developed every hour in this country?!) as if there's no tomorrow--which of course there won't be if all we do is talk and waste! The folks who put "Ecodefense" together are tired of talk and collaboration. They advocate a NONVIOLENT defense of imperiled nature, and they're willing to belly up to the bar and pay the price of their convictions. State and federal prisons house a goodly number of people who've had the courage to monkey-wrench in defense of Mother Earth. This is a HUGE photocopied zine format now.

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A small action against McDonalds is going to leave the rich in their place, however, a million small actions against McDonalds will disrupt them. Disrupt them so much that they will reform some questionable policies to keep rebellions in check. Don't listen to cynics who attempt to discredit you and make you feel like your not getting anywhere. You are. EVERY ACTION COUNTS! We are a community, it is shocking to see fellow anti-capitalists arguing over whether gluing locks works. Who cares if it works, let's destroy their locks because they torture animals, not just because we want to dismantle capitalism


It is a good field guide but think twice before getting into troubole and listen to Norstein Beckler, there are better ways of handling the situation. The capitalist system cannot be overthrown by breaking windows and destroying cars. If you wanna go and have a fun night out though, this book is for you.


This zine is amazing. I read it and was inspired to act, and I discussed it with some coworkers at the school I worked at, and they told me that this had actually been used as one of the textbooks for one of our environmentalist classes, a few years before. I carry mine with me everywhere, because you never know when it will come in handy... or when inspiration will strike.


If you are interrested check out


It is fine & most likely correct to criticize the inflated consumerist//materialist lifestyle of the middle to upper classes, but this book is designed to create activists who are just going to get their asses thrown in jail for imagining that they are toppling the big problems by doing small actions. This sort of activism is performed by hopeless teenagers & frustrated college students who feel that they lack control over the world. Guess what, you'll still lack control after gluing the locks of McDonalds & being thrown in jail.