Craphound #6: Deaths, Telephones, and Scissors!

Craphound #6: Deaths, Telephones, and Scissors!

by Sean Tejeratchi

In case you missed it the first time around, Crap Hound -- A Picture Book for Discussion and Activity is, between a brief introduction and the end credits, pure imagery. Each page is filled with high-contrast line art, culled from vintage catalogs, advertising, obscure books, and found ephemera. Through sheer volume of artfully arranged iconography, issue No. 6 visually explores the popular meaning, cultural ideals and historic symbolism of Deaths, Telephones, and Scissors. Perfect for zine makers, graphic designers, tattoo artists, or just someone who needs a specific, perfect image. Sean has a tremendous ability to scour for such things and the results are stunning. Time and again I'm amazed by the genius employed in just collecting clip art. 



"Tejaratchi's passion for finding and assembling all these beautiful hallmarks of a bygone era -- an era when fine artists and cartoonists were on staff to illustrate advertisements -- is apparent in the breadth of this collection. Yet without his dazzling graphic design skills and hilarious, pointed commentary, this would simply be a bit of a giggle at a more na�ve time. Instead, Craphound 6, from its silky, stunning cover art to its final index of crazy television programs, is a modest work from a uniquely talented artist."


It is what it says- everything you need in the way of phones, scissors, or death-related images!