Hatch Mister Sister zine

Hatch! Mister Sister

by Asher Doyle Author and MKD Author

What happens when a child is born as a biological female and continually asserts that they are a boy? What happens to the mother as she tries to explain this situation and why she is supportive of it to family, teachers, peers, students, and neighbors? What happens when the father tries to combat the child's pleas that they are a boy? Find out the answers to these and more in the new issue of "Hatch Mister Sister". A fascinating read for all!



    she is really there for her son. There are not a lot of people in the world today like that...........


    Sweet, sad, and ultimately uplifting. Her love and absolute acceptance for her child made my heart full.


    this is by far one of my most favorite reads ever.
    after years of struggling with my own "gender issues" this zine helped me be proud to be who i am. (as cliche as that is)