Comfort Creatures

Comfort Creatures

by Robert H. Stevenson Author

What happens when the things that once brought joy and comfort to your soul have transmutated into a haunting, dripping, mess of a monster you can't help but love/hate? It's called Comfort Creatures, an all-ages collection of illustrated rhymes with corresponding creatures that play like cautionary tales about some of our delicious escapisms. Gold risograph print on black cardstock covers with black + white on white paper interior.

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Comments & Reviews

"This mug-shot history captures the ugliness and the nobility of the past century in stark flashes of evil, strength and human frailty. Frame by frame you will stare in to the eyes of the unfortunate and the powerful. There's a dark and tragic beauty that grows as your eyes shift from one mug shot to the next. Pick up this book and don't look away."