Out of the Closets and Into the Libraries zine

A cool primer on some important moments in queer history. Our author, Conrad, states that the zine was inspired by learning at 21 of the assassination of Harvey Milk and wondering why this information had never come up before. The result is writing on a wide assortment of queer movements such as, the Queer Liberation Army, the Lesbian Avengers, Queer Nation, the Combahee River Collective, the Queercore music movement, Stonewall, the George Jackson Brigade, Out of Control, The Pink Panthers, and others. Whew. I told you it was diverse! A helpful place to start for those who want to know about radical queer history.



I know RC and he is one of my favorite people EVER! Microcosm is a perfect fit for him. He's a dumpster diving punk queer singer from small town Maine. I love him to fucking pieces.


about time someone put all this information together! amazing!