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Bamboozled: The Joey Torrey Story

by Joey Torrey Author

In this introspective exploration of his life, former boxer Joey Torrey reflects on his past, his murder conviction, and his more than 30-year incarceration in a California state prison. Nearly five years after his original exposé, this new edition delves deeper into circumstances surrounding Torrey’s alleged murder of his boxing coach, the lengthy prison sentence handed down, his undercover collaboration with the FBI on “Operation Matchbook” in support of John McCain’s proposed Professional Boxing Amendments Act, and the inner workings of the prison system in general. From his days as a Compton gang leader and an Olympic boxing hopeful, to being tried as an adult rather than a 17-year-old minor, this compelling narrative builds the case for his innocence by citing manipulation by his managers and the strategies used in his wrongful conviction, such as establishing the motive as robbery despite a lack of evidence linking the opening of a safe to the murderer. And after more than three decades as a model prisoner—and saving the life of a prison guard—Torrey ponders what it will finally take to come out from behind bars.



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Comments & Reviews


I'm amazed at his perserverence and determination to overcome so many obstacles. I hope he gets out someday to encourage youths as he is a mentor to all.


Hey Joey, I am writing to you after a long search on your tragic story. Keep it up! We are thinking about you and praying for you, from Bilbao Spain!!!


“Apparently you don’t have to ride your bike to your Portland coffeehouse job to write for Microcosm. Torrey, a boxer turned snitch serving time in Maximum Security, hanging out with his ‘buddy’ Charles Manson, tells his Brooklyn to Compton to glory to lockup tale with vivid language that leans on but never uses as a crutch some expected clichés, and fully draws you into his small, intense world. Complimented with primary source material and press clippings to compare and contrast with Torrey’s version, this is a great read and a good package.”


"A fascinating story of Joey Torrey, a former boxer heading to the Olympics who cut a deal with the FBI in order to supposedly shorten his 25 to life in prison sentence. Joey was asked to assist the FBI in their campaign to fight corrupt boxing scene in Las Vegas, but the government failed to uphold the deal… Thus, years later, the story of murder, redemption, deceit, and many years behind bars, sees the light of day. I was hooked from page 1 to page 64, and so will you."


"... I always enjoy zines by people who are not your typical zinesters and Joey, a former boxer currently in prison for murder, is definitely not a typical zinester. This zine actually featured something you don’t see a lot of in zines and I hadn’t realized I’d been missing- action and adventure. There’s definitely more to the zine than that, but at it’s core this zine has the makings of a good crime novel. ... The writing is a tad choppy in that 5 years will pass without being noted, but Joey is an interesting guy with a fascinating story to tell. I’m kind of surprised it’s being told in a zine because it has the makings of a best selling book."


Joey Torrey...I am praying for you everyday. You are my newest friend and I hope the best for you always....Just remember live drama free!! And someone is always thinking of you!!! Keep your head held high..Love your friend..Charlene


My heart breaks for Joey and his family.
I have known Joey for over 40 years and have lived everyday
praying for him and his wonderful family. He was used by the FBI and all will come out in time. Keep your left hook up Joey for you of all people have never given up on anything. Angels on your shoulder.


Just got this is the mail today- a hell of a story that makes for a great read. Definitely recommended!


I have dealt with Joey Torrey for a few years now, as a pen pal and pastor and friend . His story will give anyone the courage to keep going in life and never give up . i'm very glad to have met this man


Mr. Joey Torrey
He is a wonderful man. A man of Heart.
Just doing this book takes heart. He
has the blessings of THE MOST HIGH.
Joey we Love and Pray for you.
Your FriendS in ALASKA