gutterslug #1 zine cover

Gutterslug #1

by Emily Gutterslug Author

Gutterslug is a perzine about Emily's time living as a teenage punk, in both youth and adult shelters in Australia. Her experiences range from inspirational talks with other women in the shelter, to violent confrontations in the hallways. Emily tells of being sick in the shelter, and of the moment she realized the staff on duty might not care what happened to them. She also gets free tickets from a fellow zine-writer and attends and reviews a Good Charlotte show. The review, although critical, is pretty sweet and generous. The saddest piece of writing is Emily's story of another girl's attempt at suicide. It's hard to read parts of this zine, since it deals with some heavy topics, but Emily conveys her experiences honestly and earnestly.  



    I know this girl! Can't believe you guys are stocking this. Rad.