Selections LP

Selections LP

by Jeff Hayes

New album by Jeff Hayes on random-color vinyl.

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Here's the fine print for you:
Method Failure of Condoms (perfect use): 2%
Typical User Failure: 15%
Method Failure of FAM: 2%
Typical User Failure: 10-12% (when you don't follow the rules with FAM you are very likely to get pregnant, which is why it's so important to be informed) **from "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" By Toni Weschler.
Maybe you don't understand that beyond good birth control (for the disciplined) practicing FAM is a reclamation of women's bodies and health. It is constantly attacked for this reason, so yes it needs defense, especially from the uninformed. FAM is an option, despite what pill-pushing doctors will say. I repeat, please read the zine/the many books/ask those who practice it before passing judgements and making statements that restrict a woman's choice. We already know the conventional story: Natural birth control is "risky." Maybe, just maybe, if we look beyond what is traditionally taught in this culture we can find a wisdom that surpasses pharmaceuticals and latex. That's for the individual to decide, I'm just trying to offer the information that was left out of sex ed class.


Right...defend your preferred method of birth control from other people's judgments while making a similar castigation of another kind, oral contraceptives. Which FAM are you speaking of? The failure rate of perfect use is 3-5%, typical use a more reasonable 25%. Always read the fine print!


*When used correctly, FAM has a failure rate of 2% (as opposed to 3% for condoms). NFP (what you refer to as the "Catholic Lottery") is practiced in varying forms, and doesn't necessarily encompass the scope of fertility signs. I am troubled that this is the general attitude towards FAM when I have successfully used it for over five years. In the meantime, at least half the people I know who are on the pill have had unplanned pregnancies. Please read this zine (better yet-ask those who use FAM responsibly) before passing judgements that may restrict a woman's choice.


When I was growing up we called this method the "Catholic lottery".