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In Abandon #3 / Third Wheel #2

by Mike Delach Author and Dan Third Wheel Author

In this zine (or rather zines), poetic reflections on late nights spent laughing on the porch meet a meticulously documented travelogue and suggestions for sabotage and anarchist antics. It's not a revolution. A zine can't depose governments or shatter the status quo. But it can inspire. And that's what this zine is here to do. A combination of two different zines, In Abandon and Third Wheel, the reader can pick it up and start from the front or the back, making their way through carefully collected memories and experiences, reflections on the state of the world, and commentary on other zines and figures in the punk and DIY scenes. If you've enjoyed other issues of In Abandon and Third Wheel, you'll appreciate this collaboration. Check it out!

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