Mermaid Tits zine cover

Mermaid Tits #1

by Hannah Schulman Author

This zine is special. Well, all zines are special, but this zine is special just like we are all special in Christian mythology, unique in our own ways. It's mostly magically wordless (or "language neutral" since this is high art) and illustrates the story of seals, mermaids, and humans. Humans and mermaids visit the "Urban Shapeshifts" store (which looks like it's inside a mall) and purchases a seal costume (to hide their true identity? We'll never know). But as we turn the page, it's clear that not all is as it seems. Are seals wearing costumes too? What is real? Are mermaids the transitional moment between these two or something else entirely? My favorite page illustrates some combination of a therapy session and a friend/hang out session on a deluxe and curvy couch in a big empty room with fancy carpet. When the zine does resort to English, it's worth it, with phrases like "I'm so angry I feel it in my vagina."