Clutch #10

Clutch #10

by Greig Clutch Author

Greig portrays his life in autobiographical comics as "Clutch McBastard", similar in style and format to King Cat Comics. He fantasizes, works as a zine librarian, rides his bike, goes to film class, and cheers at basketball games. It illustrates his startling revelations in pretty pictures even showing his best friend as a potato with a jelly donut always in hand. I thought this was wholly entertaining, reading in a trance from cover to cover, laughing out loud the whole time. Read our interview with Greig.

Comments & Reviews


Clutch is witty, full of personality and addictive. It's a good book. I feel as if I'm invited to a personal viewing of Portland & it's people. It's like a private party that I'd be happy to crash again and again.
Praise to Greig! Wonderfull work!


Clutch is amazing. Greig is an excellent local talent. Never before have I felt so much being said with so few words. Keep it up. I'd feel so lonely without this zine.

Clutch is f'in hilarious. Greig is a genius!

Wow Greig is amazing!! Although his zines are true it's almost creepy how much shit one person can take in a lifetime. It makes you wonder whether you're important enough to contribute to society. Wow I am dull!! Thanx for making your zines; they are Awesome!!