America? #10

America? #10

by Travis Fristoe Author

Travis is a true writer. I imagine him huddled in a corner somewhere scribbling these words all hyped up on coffee. These stories allude to roaming around on tour, moving to Portland instead of going to college, and recognizing the genius of the people around you. Very little of the writing presented here touches on specifics but that's the beauty of it - it's so easy to apply to your own life and relate to Travis' feelings. All I can say is 'wow!'

Comments & Reviews

Travis is a brilliant writer; this zine is top-notch.

Every issue of America? is amazing and definitely worth checking out. Travis is a great writer and I really like his layouts (not mention the awesome stenciled covers!)

This is what happens when 1.) You read books in the first place, and 2.) You stick with writing.