Cover of Bat-Man is Lost in a Woods - a red silhouette of a tree with an owl perched on it and a person with a dark grey backdrop

Bat-Man Is Lost In A Woods: Number One

by David Enos Author

This comic is the perfectly weird, over-the-top Batman spoof you didn't know you needed. 

 Issue one of Bat-Man Is Lost In A Woods is the story of detective Batman who is investigating the disappearance of his wife, Amity. As he searches the woods surrounding their castle home, it's hard to tell what is reality as the story weaves in and out of dream and memory.

It's got that signature pulpy drama of classic noir comics and the bizarro feel of good ole' Twilight Zone wtf-ness. A great book for Batman lovers and comic nerds.



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Genius. If you're old enough to remember buying Clowes' EIGHTBALL #1, this will give you a similar thrill. If you're younger, think the first time you saw Jillian Tamaki's experimental work. If you've never heard of those people and just love great comics, ignore me. Just GET it.