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From 11 AM to 3 PM!

Head on over to the 'cosm office and store at 2752 N Williams Ave (that's in Portland, OR folks). Microcosm's warehouse is open for browsing by appointment only! If you're picking up an online order, ring the bell and one of our bold booksellers will come help you. If you're picking up an order you placed online, tell us your name and we'll bring it out for you.

Microcosm Publishing's brick and mortar storefront showcases our catalog of published and distributed books and zines that help you empower yourself to change your life and the world around you. Based in Portland, Oregon, our selection covers a wide range of topics, from feminist punk to healthy relationships, permaculture to pop culture, bicycling to Bigfoot, witchcraft to wise-ass humor. Be you queer, trans, autistic, or otherwise marginalized, a visionary leader or an introverted seeker, you'll find the books you need to fire you up and keep you heading down your path. Instead of being broken up into subjects, our books are all alphabetized by title, leading to greater discovery of hidden treasures you didn't know you were looking for; a tablet computer is available in the store for searching our catalog by subject.

Give us a call if you want to make an appointment to stop by and shop. 

Microcosm hQ Store

2752 N Williams Ave

Portland, OR 97227

(503) 799-2698