A man dress in animal skins, holding a rifle.

It Happened In Oregon: Stories of Events and People that Shaped Beaver State History

by James A. Crutchfield Author

Ever get a hankering for a little history lesson? With this book, It Happened in Oregon, you'll get some of Oregon's most interesting and obscure stories, including how the deepest lake in the PNW was created by a volcano, to one of the worst freighter shipwrecks of all time. Learn more about the drama of Lewis and Clark's venture west and how a bunch of patients at a hospital died on the same night in 1942 as written by James A. Crutchfield, who has authored over 50 book on the topic of U.S. history. He wrote this book as a part of his series of books called the It Happened In series. As with the others, Crutchfield's love of history gives his stories the attitude lacking in your average high school history lesson.