a seal with a winged satyr and a woman sharing a basket of greenery

The Green Mysteries: An Occult Herbarium

by Daniel Schulke Author and Benjamin A. Vierling Illustrator

This weighty, lavishly illustrated herbal tome serves as a complete lexicon on the spiritual, magical, and occult properties of more than 400 plants. Each encyclopedic entry focuses on a native plant or herb of the Americas or Europe, providing magical properties, folklore, and ritual uses for each. In between entries, find short narratives expounding on the spiritual dimensions of the vegetal world, the nature of wildness, and occult herbalism practices. Includes a guide to interpreting the appearance of plants in dreams. Over 300 illustrations show magical beings of another realm engaging with various herbs, landscapes, and people. A modern-day classic in the making, this massive book deserves a special place on any green witch's shelf.

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