a moon in the background with a collage superimposed over it featuring a photo of a woman with leaves over her eyes, a photo of a baby sitting on a platter being held up by a suit with carrots sticking out of the neck hole

Snipping the Stress Away: A Collage Activity Book

by Rebeka Elizegi Author

In this collage activity book, dig into some collage activities designed to offer the reader a mindful way to relax and flex your creative muscles. First developed by Picasso and Braque at the beginning of the 20th century, collage would go on to become a popular form of artistic expression embraced by the dadaist movement and others seeking an alternative to more traditional forms of art. This book includes 25 pages of cutouts that you can use to create your own collage art, repurposing everyday objects and scraps of paper and creating something new and unique. Fans of coloring books and artists of all stripes will get a kick out of this gorgeous book. 

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This may be much more expensive than the other videos but I assure you it's HIGH QUYALITY.