an illustration of an anime character wearing an elaborate robe with a cross on it and holding a scroll

The Anime Tarot Deck and Guidebook

by McCalla Ann Author and Mercenary of Duna Author

A classic tarot deck updated with gorgeous anime-style illustrations, fans of anime and tarot alike will get a kick out of this deck. Each card features an illustration of a well-known character from an anime series rendered by illustrator and artist the Mercenary of Duna (a pen name), and each card in the deck corresponds with the classic major and minor arcanas standard to tarot. This deck includes a 128-page guidebook introducing the user to all the various spreads used in tarot readings and explaining the meaning of each card. Whether you are new to tarot or practiced in the art of divination, this deck makes an excellent gift for anyone eager to immerse themselves in a world of anime, mystery, and magic.

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