A woman looks surprised while another woman uses oracle bones for pyromancy.

Hoodoo Tarot: 78-Card Deck and Book for Rootworkers

by Tayannah Lee McQuillar Author

In this elegant tarot deck and guidebook, Tayannah Lee McQuillar brings the rich and complex heritage of the American Rootwork tradition to life in vivid detail. The Hoodoo Tarot showcases a divination system that is rooted in the African and Indigenous American experience and effortlessly intertwines it with the esoteric and botanical knowledge of Hoodoo. For each card in the Major and Minor Arcana, McQuillar offers a thorough analysis that draws from both Tarot and Hoodoo tradition. In addition, she imparts her knowledge of associated magical plants, relevant scriptural quotations, and spiritual recommendations based on the card’s meaning. With 78 full-color cards that portray legendary rootworkers along with essential Hoodoo archetypes and symbols, the full-color paintings by magical-realist artist Katelan Foisy offer an enchanting interpretation of classic Tarot imagery to complete this wonderful and educating set.