what the fuck is tarot and how do i do it

WTF is Tarot?: ...& How Do I Do It?

by Bakara Wintner Author and Autumn Whitehurst Illustrator

WTF Is Tarot...& How Do I Do It? is what I'd imagine a book about tarot and magic to look like if it was written by Dr. Faith: lots of cursing, no bullshit, with a focus on honoring the self. One of the best parts about this book is that the author doesn't assume that cards about concepts like home, love, and childhood are necessarily cozy, feel-good cards. There's lots of realness, recovery, and no illusions about perfection. Intuitive, young, and full of energy. Good reads here.

Bakara Wintner offers a fresh voice to the world of tarot in this accessible, illustrated guide on how to read tarot and give tarot readings. Look forward to chapters like: Who The Fuck Am I (And Who The Fuck Are You)?, What The Fuck Is Magic?, How The Fuck Do I Choose A Deck? and more. From magic history to practicing self-care, this guide book is perfect for newbies and seasoned tarot readers.