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Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need: A Modern Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Secrets of Tarot

by Skye Alexander Author and Mary Shannon Author

A concise yet comprehensive guide to a perrennial esoteric topic. Consulting the Tarot has long been a practice meant to discover mystical secrets through the cards deep and layered symbolism. This book uses the populaar Rider-Waite-Smith style deck to teach the fundamentals of tarot and the standard interpretations of the cards. Learn how to find a deck that speaks to you, how to interpret symbolism, interpretations of cards - both upright and reversed. Discover how to use groupings of cards in the traditional 'spread' patterns that tell a story that weaves together future, past, and present. Develop greater intuition, work through problems and crises, and find a path through life for you and anyone whoese cares you read.

(This book may contain a small, black sharpie mark on the bottom edge, so that it can't be returned to a different wholesaler.)

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