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Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Lit Starts): A Book of Writing Prompts

by San Francisco Writer's Grotto Author and Dorothy Hearst Foreword

Writing is a hard task, and writing sci-fi or fantasy can feel even harder. With so many speculative or imagined fictions to fill your pages with, simply picking a path can be the most difficult part. If you find yourself in the same or similar position, then this book will prove to be a great resource in clearing writers block and letting your words flow freely! Written by the San Francisco Writer's Grotto, a collective of like minded authors aimed at supporting other writers, and containing an informative foreword from the experienced fantasy author Dorothy Hearst, this book guides readers in creating their own sci-fi and fantasy stories. Hearst's forward acts as a perfect introduction into the genres, teaching readers about the building blocks of all great science fiction fantasy books, from world creation to the characters and narratives that inhabit them. The rest of the book contains writing prompts that will change readers into writers, creating their own worlds from creative and thoughtful suggestions, and inspiring them to write completed and polished pieces. Ranging from large scale cues like the power and control system of your world, to more minute details like how your characters get from point A to B, this book provides a thorough list of prompts for readers to fill their notebooks with. 

(This book may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)