closeup of two Korean women staring at each other


by Yeong-shin Ma Author and Janet Hong Translator

Lee Soyeon, Myeong-ok, and Yeonjeong are all mothers in their mid-50s who are no longer able to bear the dead weight of their partners or the endless grind of menial jobs where their bosses control everything, down to how much water they can drink. Although Lee Soyeon divorced her husband years ago after his gambling drove their family into bankruptcy, she finds herself weighed down by another tired and dishonest relationship. Meanwhile, Myeong-ok is having an illicit affair with a younger man, and Yeonjeong, whose husband suffers from erectile dysfunction, has her eye on an acquaintance from the gym. Now bored with conventional relationships and the traditional Korean-family narrative, these women embrace outrageous sexual adventures and mishaps, ending up in nightclubs, motels, and even the occasional back-alley brawl. This outrageously funny book offers a refreshingly honest and unfiltered story about a group of middle-aged moms who yearn for something more. Despite their less-than-desirable jobs, salaries, and mediocre husbands and boyfriends, these women brazenly bulldoze their way through life with the sexual vulnerability and lust typically attributed to twenty-somethings.