an ornate yellow grid pattern around the outside of the cover against a green background, with a circular maze pattern above the title text in the middle of the cover

Elemental Magic: Traditional Practices for Working with the Energies of the Natural World (3rd Edition)

by Nigel Pennick Author

Discover the world of natural magic and put it to use for your personal and spiritual development. Author Nigel Pennick created Elemental Magic as a resource for magical practitioners in the European rural folk magic tradition, and as a manual for building a connection with the elemental energy around you. With spells drawing on earth, mineral, and plant magic, and instructions for creating talismans, wands, and divining rods, Pennick's volume can give you the jump start you need to become an element mage. Set your intentions, fortify your health, and connect yourself with the natural world with this incredible book of magical practices.