White Like Me Book

White Like Me Book

by Tim Wise

Recalling his own experiences as a white anti-racist activist and white American, Tim Wise has crafted the first history of what it meant to be part of the "majority" in America. Combining the emotion of personal stories with insights gleaned from 15 years as an educator, this book examines the ways in which whites reap the benefits of "racial preferences" - whether or not they actively engage in racism. By critically assessing the magnitude of racial privilege and its costs - to people of color and whites as well - Tim Wise provides an elegant and provacative memoir relevant to activists, educators, and average everyday folks seeking to understand why race continues to shape life in the United States.



Could you talk more about what he said that was condescending and sexist? I'd like to know.


Tim is a very knowledgeable and articulate writer and this book made some good points to reflect on. It’s too bad that when I saw him lecture he was condescending and sexist.