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How Does Aspirin Find a Headache?

by David Feldman Author

Trivia buffs, science factoid lovers, and the generally curious will enjoy this entry in David Feldman's Imponderables series. Along with the question of the title, learn what happens to punched holes, whether or not snakes sneeze, why we learn printing before cursive, why 21 is the age we're considered to be adults, why green cards aren't actually green, why the Three Musketeers didn't have muskets, and many more riddles, conundrums, and burning questions you didn't even know you had until now. These books are lots of fun, perfect for kids age 9 and up or the adult who still has those unanswered questions. 

(This book may contain a small, black sharpie mark on the bottom edge, so that it can't be returned to a different wholesaler.)